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Dumb Thoughts and Junk

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The Great Escape

Escape Academy is a game that I was mildly interested in while watching preview coverage.  It seemed like a pretty natural progression of...

NFT's Are Bullshit

This is not a point that I am willing to debate. The technology is power hungry and unsustainable, the crypto bro culture is cringey at...

Squidlit and the Short Game

AAA gaming has developed into a space for juggernauts. Companies like Ubisoft and Bethesda specialize in giving us experiences that last...

Top 10 Games of the Year

So why not have your second blog post ever be a game of the year list ? Let's hit for the cliche cycle, score a trope touchdown, bury a...

Let's Have Us A Shindig

Positivity. Positivity in the video games space has been in short supply, recently. Online discourse about the games I love always seems...

First Post

Hey all. Just starting a blog to be able to write about all the dumb stuff that I love. I hope as this develops that you enjoy it and...

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